Alamo Lake & Bill Williams River Wilderness Area

2015-01-25 14.14.43
This plaque was a very nice tribute to Bill Williams
2015-01-25 16.02.59 HDR
Bill Williams River about a half mile below Alamo Lake dam
2015-01-25 15.50.44
Great up-close look at rock layers
2015-01-25 15.55.46
evidence of some lava flows in the past
2015-01-25 15.38.19 HDR
neat slot canyon just off the Bill Williams River
2015-01-25 16.03.27 HDR
not pictured: all the swooping birds and pelican that was watching over us from afar
2015-01-25 17.21.45 HDR
beautiful desert flora and Artillery Peak in the distance

2015-01-25 17.50.30