Bonneville Salt Flats Throwback to July 2007 - High Speed Runs | AKA Rally

The Bonneville Salt Flats is one of the most surreal places I have visited. The further you retreat from land features the harder it becomes to make spatial judgements. It’s a spectacular bright white like snow and you have to take precautions just like you do with snow (to not sunburn your eyes)

Driving out onto the flats at dawn






Jason demonstrating how deceptive the scale of things on the Flats can get. That mountain is actually 50 miles away but it seems so close.


Me at the 2 mile mark in the center of the high speed runs capturing footage, radar, and relaying for radio – the curvature of the earth, and lack of objects to bounce signals around make communication tricky – You cannot see the finish from the start.


Jackassing around in coveralls next to the Transmarobird – what you don’t realize is that it’s over 100 degrees but looks snow white


Such a privilege to get to codrive with this guy. What a sharp ride that clownshoe. SUCH fond memories cruising across the country in this thing.