Eastern Sierra 395 Bishop and The Start of Yosemite

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I was just awestruck by the mountains north of Bishop, CA

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This is where a major turning point happened. Or rather didn’t happen. My plan had been to take Tioga Pass through Yosemite. But due to unprescedented winter road damage and tree clearing it was still closed! It opened weeks later than usual. This set me off on a new trajectory, further north!  Will be back to see you soon, Yosemite. You eluded me this time but I saw your outer crush and I already love you.


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Incredible views of Mono Lake near Lee Vining, CAimg_1927 img_1926 img_1925 img_1924 img_1923
img_1921 img_1920 img_1919 img_1918


Naps and rest through walker canyon along the river were incredibly restful but I did them no justice in photos. Onward to Tahoe I went.