Kofa Mountains Our visit to the King of Arizona

2014-12-21 11.35.24
The road to Kofa is scenic. Funny little signs along the way (not pictured) warn of unexploded munitions dating back to the Patton era when this was a war game playground


2014-12-21 13.51.12-1
Helping Scott put the first few thousand miles on his Subaru


2014-12-21 13.56.16
The view as you approach Kofa


2014-12-21 14.06.07

2014-12-21 13.37.19 HDR
A great trail takes you up into the canyon



2014-12-21 14.36.28
Notice the palm trees in the slot canyon high above. From what I’m told these palms are significant ecologically speaking


2014-12-21 14.36.43 HDR
Cool view as you look back toward the West


2014-12-21 14.10.27

2014-12-21 13.36.58 HDR
The signature shot from the trail looking down toward the valley


Mike Matt and Scott, our esteemed fellow adventurer and guide


2014-12-21 16.09.03
On the way out we popped by Yuma proving grounds. We heard regular booms in the distant mountains


2014-12-21 16.15.32
(insert honest to john joke here)


2014-12-21 17.25.57
Onward to Yuma, caught some cool pics before losing the sun. It’s a neat town. This is the old Hotel Del Sol. Cool paint showing through.


2014-12-21 17.26.48

2014-12-21 19.51.47
This trip would have been remiss without a stop for Date Shakes! *styrofoam klink*