Titan Missile Museum Visceral Relic of the Cold War

These photos are from the Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley, AZ. It’s a truly unique experience to realize the absolute lethal force and industrial might it represents as a well-preserved relic of the Cold War.

The ICBM – this missile was able to be launched from a facility completely isolated underground.


2015-01-02 16.34.17
A view from the top looking down at the missile. The Concrete blast doors are permanently blocked halfway open as a sign to Russia that it is no longer a threat.




2015-01-02 16.26.20
I was enamoured with these glowing red buttons. WANT.



2015-01-02 16.26.04
You gotta wonder what incident led to the creation of THAT sign. Oh it doesn’t take too much imagination does it?


2015-01-02 16.27.14
It is a precise 70 degrees down in the silo


2014-11-02 15.09.34

2014-11-02 15.10.21

2015-01-02 16.41.10

2015-01-02 17.04.50